Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another soldier lost but will we ever know why?

Yesterday's shooting at Fort Hood was another tragedy. It is horrible and I feel for all the families involved. I can only imagine how that can shake your sense of security. It will take years for those people to ever get past it and some may never be able to. 

I've been a military spouse for almost 5 years which is not very long. I learn new things every day, good and bad. Lately there seems to be more bad than good. The military is reducing the number of soldiers by the thousands and they are doing it by any means they can. Men and women who thought they were going to have a career in a branch or the military are being forced out and onto the unemployment line. Soldiers who have fought for their country and suffered in combat, some wounded, being tossed aside all because of the bottom line. Now don't get me wrong, some of the dead beats that are getting canned do need to go, like the idiots with multiple dui's, or guys that beat their wives and kids or have arrest warrants or don't pay child support and so on. Cut them loose. I'm sure there are plenty of others that would just be happy to get out on there own! I just don't think our military or government is doing enough to help our soldiers adjust to life after they are told to take their boots off. I have read some of the news reports and about the soldier who opened fire at Fort Hood. Yes it's early and nothing is certain yet except he was a soldier and he and others are dead and injured. Will we ever really find out what went wrong? I honestly doubt it. He most likely slipped through the cracks somewhere. Even the best NCO has an off day especially when they are put under so much pressure because troops are stretched thin. Some NCO's are only out for what looks good for themselves. (I'm so glad I'm not married to 1 of those!:) I actually asked why we don't hear about this kind of thing happening more often just last week and was told that it looks bad. ((blank stare)) Our country needs to do more to help these soldiers before more of this happens. 

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