Friday, July 26, 2013

So what's normal?

So what's normal? Does anyone really know? Is there such a thing? I think I'm pretty normal, as far as my definition goes. I work hard. I like nice things. I like nice people who treat me with kindness and respect which I return. I love my husband who loves me. We are each others best friends. Do we have a perfect relationship? No, but I don't know anyone that does. Do things piss me off? Hell ya they piss me off. My husbands job does. My job does. My kids do. My mom and brothers do. Bills do.. Traffic does. Ya shit pisses me off but that's all a part of life and its my normal. It doesn't make me a bad person, no. It makes me human. We have to miss our class reunion this year which really pisses me off but I will get over it. Shit happens. We didn't get to spend our anniversary how we wanted because the Army needed my husband. I was pissed but had to remind myself that at least we were together. I'm finally pulling it together. It gets lonely, sure but with my crazy hours at work (and driving to and from) I have a lot of time to reflect and appreciate all the positive in my life and all that I'm blessed to have. It's our time. Time to have fun and enjoy us! I really look forward to my weekends now! Sunday is my fun day and my favorite day of the week! I just wish it didn't only happen once a week!

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