Thursday, May 2, 2013

Being the mom I wished I had

From the time I was a young girl, I remember thinking that someday I'd be the kind of mom to my little girl that I'd always wished I had. Well, I've been a mom for over 23 years and I'd say for the most part, I've done that. The downside is that my girls aren't me so that isn't necessarily what they want or need in a mom. I've tried to stress to them both how important communication is. It took me a long time to realize it myself and I was trying to save them some of the heartache. I guess that's all part of growing up though. Letting them make their own mistakes so they can learn from them. I've always been a doting, hands on, I'll do it so it gets done right and you can watch. I've realized that hasn't always worked. My girls aren't babies anymore. 1 is actually a mom herself and I think maybe she's learning some of the same lessons I did when I was in her position. I just wish it wasn't so difficult finding that balance between being a good parent and being their friend. Someone they can confide in. I will always be a parent first. I am still learning to be a friend. Being a parent isn't easy and they must have run out of manuals because I didn't get mine. It may be to late for me and my mom but its not too late for me and my girls. 

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