Sunday, July 15, 2012

I started to write about the difference in men's and women's brains and then I read this and had to switch gears!! This is a quote from my daughter's boyfriend. He is a leach who has no job and contributes nothing constructive to their relationship. He has wormed his way in and expects Ashley to provide for him on the minimal salary she makes, which takes away from what she could be providing for her child.  He babysit's my granddaughter but I personally don't trust him and wouldn't let him watch my dog. I think about him and my blood boils and I immediately feel sick. Here is his latest rant about me....

I've always been liked by my girlfriends' mothers... But this one: NOPE! And for no reason at all.. Shouldnt've expected much from a money grubbin, child-controlling, everything'sgottabemywayorelseI'mnothappy, succubus.. Oh well. Couldn't be helped.  Everything happens for a reason though. I'm not here for that judgmental little lady. I'm here for Ashiie Niicole 

Now it has become a war. I'm not asking to be chosen over someone who she is in a relationship with but for her to make wiser choices about who she chooses to have relationships with! Since this, I am not forever cut out of her and my granddaughters life.  I have been called immature, bipolar, crazy, nuts, psycho and of course bitch. Wow! If I would have ever spoken to my mother that way, you can bet I'd be missing teeth!! I don't care how old someone is, that is just not acceptable!

So once again, she expects me to bow down and kiss her ass and ya know, I just won't do it. I won't be bullied by my own child!! I'm sick of it! I'm going to have enough to deal with when Becky gets back tomorrow. New house, bad attitude are going to suck! I've been told she is dreading coming. Who wouldn't LOVE to live here? Oh ya, that's right! A moody teenage girl that has to live by rules and be a responsible, respectful person or deal with the consequences!! My bad! All I can do is pray for the best. Some things are out of my hands and I keep reminding myself, We are only in control of our reactions to other people's actions" and we teach people how to treat us. I wish I would have learned the latter sooner in life. maybe then some people wouldn't think it was ok to treat me like shit and walk all over me!

On a good note, because I'm trying to calm down and not get worked up even more, today is my sweetie's birthday!! Right now he's busy playing his new Madden X Box game. I think I might take the dog for a walk before I sweep and wash the floors. We get the area rug and wine rack tomorrow so I want it ready to go! So excited about that!! 


  1. Hey, Janet, hang in there. I know you're a good mother because you are always commenting on them. It sucks to see someone you love in the wrong relationship, my mom dated an absolute loser and I felt it was my place to say so. Hopefully your daughter will see him for what he is and time will heal all wounds.

  2. Thanks Kev. At least I have Rick here reminding me of that.

  3. If you werent a good mother then they wouldnt be an aggitation nor would they be on your heart and mind daily. OF COURSE ONE DAY THEIR WILL BE REGRET FOR BEHAVIOR .... but its ashame its always not until they experience a hard loss do they reflect on themselves. HANG IN THEIR JANET!! THERES MANY MOMS WHO CAN RELATE TO YOUR STORY... fathers as well! KEEP LOVING LIKE YOU ARE AND KEEP WANTING BIG THINGS FOR YOUR KIDS!!! If it wasnt good you wanted for them then you could care less about their attituds. However you know first hand if YOU AS THEIR OWN MOTHER CANT STAND THEIR OWN MOUTH...then there isnt no quality boyfriend thats gonna come along or a job for that matter that will put up with it! REMAIN TOUGH!!! I see what a good job you do with your kids. It isnt because we have nothing to do that we read this blog... Its because we care and want to see you finally deserving what you earned. You earned a family that gets along and LOVES... Shame on both the girls for not seeing what they have in you!!!!

  4. Thank you for those kind words. I just don't get it along with their feeling of entitlement and double standards. They say I'm bipolar and a hypocrite well they obviously don't know the meanings of those words!