Sunday, December 23, 2012

A little something about me

I'd like to think I grew up in your average family. I had a dad who worked hard at his job at Chevy. He had his priorities straight which were supporting his family first. My mom stayed home and took care of us kids and the house. There were 4 kids, 2 boys, a girl (me) and another boy. We had a nice house, cars and all the normal things in a middle class American home. My parent didn't drink, they rarely fought especially not in front of us kids, we got spanked and were taught  by example right from wrong. I'd like to think I am who I am today mostly to them. I am proud of how I was raised and wish more kids could grow up in the kind of family I did. The 3 boys I mentioned earlier? Well, they must have been adopted or dropped off by aliens because they are nothing like me or my parents. Lets just say I'm embarrassed to say we are related. They have none of the qualities or values our parents worked so hard to instill in each of us. 

My dads been gone for years. Today would actually be his 70th. birthday. Crazy to imagine! He will forever be frozen in my memories as my 47 year old daddy. I just know things would be so different if he was still with us today. My brothers wouldn't have leached off my mom like they have. Mom wouldn't be the heartbroken shell of a woman that she is today. Oh what I'd give if he could've seen his grandchildren/great grandchild!  I was lucky even if I only had him for half my life. 

Happy birthday daddy. I still love and miss you dearly

Your little girl

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