Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A few things on my mind

It's been a while since my last blog. I've thought about writing a few but deleted them. I was confronted about 1 of my posts and asked how could I say what I did and people would know who I was talking about and it made them look bad. Um excuse me but unless that person goes around talking about the certain situation then nobody would know because I know for damned sure I don't tell anyone my business. There isn't anyone that I can really wholeheartedly trust or that sincerely wants to know or cares.  My blog is for me and my feelings and if someone doesn't like it then maybe it's their own guilty conscience they are really worried about. 

So now the real blog begins. 

I have a cold and I'm a big baby!

I need a job- for oh so many reasons! (Biting tongue)

I've never been this fat when I wasn't pregnant. Time to starve. Please no grief. It won't last long because I like food too much. 

People without cellulite aren't normal. 

Waiting for the karma bus, my list is getting longer!

Have I mentioned that I have a cold and I'm a baby?

I want to rant and vent. I hope the sores on my tongue heal from me biting it!

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