Monday, June 18, 2012

The EX is your EX for a reason (or a gazillion reasons!)

There are a few things that get my blood boiling and dealing with a "difficult" EX is 1 of them!! I have 1, my husband has 1 and many of us have 1. They became the EX for a good reason. What sucks the most is the fact that they know us well enough to know what buttons to push and when to push them!! It's like they were acting like a spy when we were in a relationship together and now that it's over, they will use any information gained during that time against us!! I guess that's where the phrase, "All is fair in love and war" came from.

I have always taken the high road and taught those values to my kids and associate with people who feel the same. Now that the EX is on the other side, it seems like they want to use any tactic available to screw ya over for their own gain!!  I don't know how some can live with themselves with the way they feel they are entitled to what isn't there's.  The divorce is final!! You don't deserve to even have his name now since you aren't his wife any more. As the new wife, I find it insulting when the EX feels entitled to keep his last name. It's my name now! You lost the right to it!

It's easy to see things from an outsiders perspective. I see how manipulative an ex can be and try to help see the situation from my perspective. It's our jobs and responsibilities, as current spouses, to protect and help see things clearly. When an EX continues to attempt to belittle, intimidate, manipulate and attempt to embezzle money, I get pissed. What sucks even more is the EX knows what they are doing is wrong but in there sick, twisted mind, continues to do it!! How about you get a job and learn to support yourself. I am so sick of worrying about how much more $.  Maybe I should write a book about it. "How to be an EX" for dummies! Maybe a book like that was available and given out in divorce court with the explicit instructions that it must be read and a test following will be the only way a divorce will be granted. Maybe if that happened, we wouldn't have most of these problems and we wouldn't be spending thousands of dollars just to get the court to adjust paperwork saying we have PAID already and we don't owe you shit!! Of course this leads me back to my title, The Ex is your EX for a reason!!

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  1. If you publish that book i need two copies please!!lol My husbands Ex might lose it. I hear you about the last name, she would probably be crazy enough to change it back to his if she ever got divorced from her current husband. I don't think some Ex's don't understand when someone gets a divorce from them it wasn't because they still wanted you in their lives or they wanted anything to do with you. My husbands ex doesn't understand it. She moved frim Texas where her current husband is stationed to right about 3 courtyards away with her current husband and her child to be by her ex and their children. A little weird.. also she ran his live til i finally put my foot down and we changed our numbers and she still doesn't have hus and it kills her.. she harasses his first Sargent to get it and his attorney but nopr she still doesnt have it. She also had the nerve to tell him she still loved him and they should be together for the kids a few months ago. She also tells me until i came around the were close..haha she ia nuts she didn't understand stand it was because he didn't want to go to court but she left him no chouce but to now their in a court battle because of her. So much more