Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers day 2012

Let me first start by saying Happy Fathers day tho all the dads out there! It's the dads who stand up for their kids, protect them and teach them values and morals that will last a life time. I have girlfriends who do both jobs, mom and dad and do it better than some men could! So to those ladies, Cheers to you too!! I think about my dad all the time. He's been gone for over half my life but the memories are still so clear. Some of my best memories were of me sitting on his step stool in the garage while he was working on a car or motorcycle or other motorized vehicle. I'd sit there and chatter on while he worked and he'd ask for me to fetch a tool for him or to go in the house and get him a glass of Pepsi. Not only are those some of the best memories but I learned my way around a garage! Thanks daddy!! I really miss those times and so many others! We went to our 1st real luau today as part of Ricks fathers day gift. It was great! I loved it all except when I saw the picture of myself! Holy COW! Yes COW! When did my ass get that fat?? Wow!! I must have some incredible friends and the most awesome husband in the world if nobody thought it was that bad. I. Tellin ya! I saw the pictures! They don't lie! My ass is HUGE!! Diet and P90x starts again! Just another reson I can't wait to get into our house!! How can I diet in this tiny hotel room with no stove and a mini fridge and microwave?! Again. Pardon me if I repeat myself but WOW!! I'm still reeling from the shock! The pictures don't lie!! Add this to my to do list!! If I can quit smoking, I can lose 25-30 lbs and my BIG FAT ASS!

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