Thursday, November 15, 2012


So I just had my birthday yesterday, dare I say 44! Oh Lord that looks as old as it sounds! Most of the day was tied to the Internet waiting for news of a special arrival! Even though the flight was 3 hours late, I'm just so glad my soldier made it home. I am so proud of him!

Wow, I just can't get over that number 44! Is this going to be my year of discoveries? I recently discovered I have a friend that was right under my nose all along and didn't realize it. She was the only person that showed up for my birthday and brought me dinner. She said tonight when I asked her for a ride tomorrow, "you would do it for me, that's what we do for each other". It brought a tear to my eye because as many times as I've said that and done it for others, no one has said it back to me (and meant it!). So thank you my friend C.C! 

Now is when I start getting nervous. Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a bit of a control freak. I like to know what's going on, I like things to be done a certain way (that's because it's what works best for me) and I need to be in control! (Did I already say that?) it's weird because certain things don't bother me at all, like flying in a plane. I have zero control but that doesn't phase me. Now loading the dishwasher or making the bed have to be done my way! It's just how I am (not necessarily a bad thing). Well I'm having a few procedures done at the hospital tomorrow and they will be done under general anesthia. That makes me more nervous than what they are doing or will find because of my control issue! Yep! I'm nuts. I've heard your 40's does that to ya! lol (the dr is doing some girly stuff, and exploritory and more girly stuff). No hiking for a bit but hopefully I can park my butt in a chair in the sand! 

Year 44 has just begun and look what it's already brought me:). I can't wait to find out what else is on the itinerary! Aloha!

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