Friday, November 9, 2012

We all have a past

Our live consist of many chapters. Some happy, some sad and some more exciting than others. They all are edited together to form the story which is our lives. I'm getting ready to begin my 44th chapter but there are things from previous chapters that I just can't get past! My 2 older kids are the part I can't let go of. I just don't understand how 1 parent could turn children against the other with such vicious lies! I have missed so many years and memories because of lies that where told about me and it continues. That time can't be made up, the memories can never be recreated and the tears cannot be unshed. I've always tried to foster and encourage a good relationship with my children and their other parent but its a shame the same hasn't been reciprocated. Only hatred and jealously and lies which does no one any good accept to make the angry party feel better temporarily.

I have tried to be as tactful as possible but I'm tired of it! We signed papers, he forgot what he agreed to (I got nothing) and so we changed them and now he doesn't like what he agreed to again! Just support your fuckin kid and stop being a fuckin dead beat! You are her father! Take care of your responsibilities! You paid for everything for the other 2 and I took care of becky because I gave up spousal support ,  Now the older 2 are adults and not your responsibility, you agreed to support the last under 18! You wrote the papers now follow through and set a good example! You have a new job so pay me your half of what I paid for her medical expenses. You can't have it both ways! The glasses and braces and dental appointments and clothes and haircuts and cell phone and school expenses including bus fees have all been paid in full by me and her step dad! Support your kid! Be a good roll model. Just do the right thing! I need to close this chapter but can't until he gives me closure!

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