Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's always something

I'll be honest. Today was rough. My best friend is not home but that's fine, he's doing what he loves and I love him more for it.  My real problem is when people say they will do something then just flat out don't! I'm so sick of it and done. I deleted about 26 people from my Facebook list today because I truly believe that actions speak louder than words and I don't want any of those fake ass itches knowing my business. I guess the 40's is when we get real. 44 is coming Wednesday an that's smack dab in the middle of it! The worst part is I  have realized that I really can only count on my husband and that sucks when he's not here! I guess I'll take a bus on Friday. At least they have a schedule and are dependable. I've managed worse before. I just refuse to get sucked into the drama wives, bullshit,  where it's all for show and the who's who club. I'm better than that and they can all just shove it. A day alone on the beach is still better than spending a moment with a fake, condescending,hypocrite who doesn't really give a rats ass about anyone other than themselves. End

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  1. Obviously I shouldn't be blogging tonight. I have no idea how that picture got on their or how I can get it off! Sorry :/