Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bring it!

So tomorrow is kind of a big day. We are going to Ricks work beach picnic. Now that alone is cause for alarm on so many levels! 1st, I will be wearing a bathing suit in front of people I actually know, not some random strangers on the beach I will never see again. Next, some of the people that have been there find great pleasure & enjoyment in attempting to make my life miserable. Well, I am proud to say, they can't get to me anymore so don't waste your time. (for those bitches reading this:) I'm better and stronger than that! On 2nd thought, go ahead and try because this Hollywood diva (1 of them said I act like) is going to sit back with my margarita and tunes and laugh while you make yourself look fools! Bring it! LFG!


  1. There will always be those who want to bring others down to their level. Insecurity. If they're calling you a diva, think of it as flattery. You have your shit together. Because of that, you're on their minds. But don't give them any headspace. Mandatory fun days can be fun if you ignore the "haters."
    I had another comment, but google ate it I think. This one's better.

    1. Thanks Kayce. It's like I'm in 7th. grade! I have no time for such nonsense. I have other things to deal with! We are so lucky to be here that I'm enjoying it as much as I can!!