Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sometimes I wish I was a guy. Hmm, let me count the reasons why! Besides the obvious p'ing while standing, scratching anywhere, any body part at any time, can lose weight easier than women, but a few of the biggest reasons are because they can focus on sports and tune everything else out or just shut off their brain if they want to! That's sooooo not fair! My brain is always going at a gajillion miles an hour and it's not just about 1 thing! I could be thinking about lets say what I'm doing tomorrow. I want to take the dog to the beach so I have to make sure I pack her toys, a towel, bowl for water and a bottle of water, poop bags, then on the way home I want to stop at petsmart and get her claws cut so I need to bring a treat for that and since I'll be right by Walmart, I'll return the broken cup I bought and do I need anything from the store? Oh yeah! Dog food and litter. The cat needs a bath too, what am I making for dinner?.......
Yep! My mind wanders and I don't know how to shut it off! It seems like the more I have on my mind the more it wanders. That probably has to do with my advanced age! About this time every year I start thinking about my age (mind wandering). The older I get, the more depressed/ pissed I get about getting older. It's not like I can lie about my age either! I'm getting to the middle age part where things don't function like they used to. The baby factory has long since been closed and now we have to figure out if those parts are doing what they should be doing or if I even need them any more! I'm not even going to get started on the emotional meltdowns! Oh the joys of middle age! 

Now for my 1 good thing. I made a to do list for around the house(sweep floors, walk dog,water plants, etc), stuff I needed to do this week. When I got home, the list was DONE! That made me feel so much better after my emotional beach meltdown. Now I know they can do stuff, I'm going to ask more often! Thanks honey <3

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