Monday, September 24, 2012

Truth over a lie = good over evil!

Ever since I can remember, I was taught to do the right thing, don't cut corners and always tell the truth. I have lived my life trying my hardest to follow those lessons. Yes sometimes it's easier to cut corners but it ends up costing more time and energy in the long run. If you tell the truth then you don't have to worry about keeping all the lies straight. I just think its sad, no worse than sad but pathetic when people take advantage of others and lie to get their way. Maybe it goes back to how everyone is brought up. The values and moral fortitude instilled at a young age. A persons character is what sets us apart. Do you do the right thing only when you can get credit or when someone is there to see it? I'm the kind of person who will pick up an empty water bottle and put it in the trash even if it's not mine. I just think there is something within a person with a good character and a conscious that sets them apart from the rest. Id like to think that describes me. I'm not out to hurt people or screw people over. I don't think the world has it in for me and is against me. I do my best and sleep well at night and know the people that taught me those values would be proud. Sometimes I feel like people with those characteristics are the good and those without are the evil and we have to let justice prevail. I'm hoping that holds true for us and the truth will be all we need. Here's hoping!

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