Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Where does the time go?

So I'm sitting in bed doing my nails and I thought, when was the last time I did my nails? It's been at least since we were in Missouri and that was in May! Where has time gone! I was also thinking about 1 year ago, Becky had her teeth pulled to get her braces put on. A whole year! She is going to have a great smile (kinda jealous!)  so with the crazy way my mind works, one thought leads to another , which apparently isn't abnormal with women because our brains are wired that way :) haha. I have been apart from my ex for 7 years! Summer is pretty much over but lucky for us we can still hit the beach! I don't want it to be a pcs of why didn't I do this or that while I had the time? Life gets in the way of all our good intentions! This week was a prime example. I had every intention to work on our dressers but other stuff came up! I had an ultra sound on my girly parts (NOT PREGGO!) lol went to a pinterest party, got a new stove delivered, Becky had an orthodontist apt. (touchy subject$ waiting for someone to pay their half!) and I had to take the car to get tires rotated then go to post office and then came home and was beat so I took a nap, dinner, walked the dog and trip to PX. Yep, tomorrow is a beach day, even for a few hours. Time is just getting away from me and the way I look at it, the dressers will still be here for a rainy day :) plus I'm getting some great ideas from pinterest!


  1. Oh, I have a dresser you can have if you're still looking for some. It's in rough shape, but it could be fixed up for sure. Let me know.