Sunday, September 9, 2012

Every life is precious even when we don't feel it

So a young girls life was cut way to short. I didn't know her but she was from my home town. She walked the same halls of the same school I did. From what I read, she was bullied so fm all that, I feel a connection. My heart truly breaks for her family and friends as they manage to cope with this tragic loss. All life has value and when a person questions their value, it is the rest of our responsibilities to help them see what it is. Campassion shouldn't be a lost characteristic. It should be 2nd nature. For a child to feel like taking their own life is the only solution to their problem is a tragedy in itself. So much potential. So much life left to be lived and lives to be touched. Like I said, I can relate and my heart is aching for her and those affected. RIP sweet girl.

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