Monday, August 6, 2012

I have come to the conclusion that I am a horrible step mom. Ok, maybe I'm not a horrible step mom but I will admit that since my kids are grown, I'm just not used to little kids. I'm 43 and already set in my ways, lol. I like things a certain way and have very little energy to explain the way I do things and how I want things done. Most things I'd thing would be common sense but there again is where the terrible step mom comes in because my kids are grown and know how to do things for themselves & little kids don't. If I hadn't had my kids when I was young, I doubt that I would have had any at all. 

I can only imagine what my step kids think of me! Woohoo!  I bet they have some pretty sweet nicknames, lol. I know if I was my step mom I would! I don't think I ask much. Just pick up after yourself, show respect to others & other people's property, use manners and appreciate what people do for you. It's the same things I would expect from my own kids. It's especially tough to be a step parent when you only see the kids 1-2 times a year! That's not much time to build a relationship especially since kids grow so fast and their interests change. They need time with their other parent. I never dealt with the whole step parent issue until I became 1. I kinda feel bad for the kids. My kids don't have a step mom but there is someone who has assumed the role and pushed her way in and they don't like it. I will never claim my step kids as my kids. They have a mom and it's not me. I can love them and care for them but I will never try to make them think of me that way. 

It's tough to sit back and not say anything when you see that something should be handled differently. When you know from experience what works and what doesn't. It's a different perspective when they aren't your own biological children because you really can't say much. I will not hesitate to say something when someone will get hurt or hurt someone else or  damage property and I can stop it from happening. I wish I had gotten a manual, step parenting for dummies! I wonder if there is 1......

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