Thursday, August 9, 2012

So we live on a beautiful island.  A once in a lifetime opportunity, but I'm really struggling to find my place here.  It's hard to support others when you need support yourself.  I know once I get a job, I will feel like I have a purpose again but until then, I'm just here.  Maybe when I can start contributing financially, I'll feel better about myself. I can't stand that feeling! My goals are to get a job, lose weight, get my knee strong again, finish projects, save $$ so Ashley & Izzy can come visit. I'd love to maybe take a class online but I have no idea what id take or how to go about it! It's been so long since school that I don't know if my brain will even let me learn something new! lol

I'm hoping things will get back to normal in a few weeks. I'm too set in my ways and need order in my life. If things aren't structured, my whole mojo gets thrown out of whack. Right now, I'm fighting a migraine and losing! I'm really trying to think of something good to say that's happened lately but I honestly can't! Wow, that's bad. Hmmm.......well, I did get to go to the beach today and they finished power washing the house and patio, towed the cars, and found out my knee will recover. That's honestly the best I can come up with. Like I said, it's been a rough few weeks.  I'm hoping for something better to report next time!

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